Construction Manager

Paid Position

Employment Dates: May 17th - Aug 6th, 2019

Job Position

As the Construction Manager, you are responsible for overseeing all construction projects that take place in the community you are serving with. You will work closely with our full-time Construction Coordinators, and local full-time staff in the community on proper project setup. You will also oversee estimating, purchasing, and budgeting procedures for all aspects of the construction. With that, you will be directing and leading 2-3 other construction team members as well as volunteers, to properly complete all projects. Your ultimate responsibility will be to ensure all building projects are running smoothly for the summer.

Pre-Summer Job Responsibilities

  • Construction Manager Training Weekend in Madison, WI – May 17th - 20th, 2018

  • Begin Pre Summer Development

  • Training series completed by working with Construction Department in order to prepare you for a summer with Next Step in two ways:

    • Technical Skills –  watch videos of common projects you will encounter, and respond to questions

    • Leadership Training

Summer Job Responsibilities

  • Support and direct Construction Team Members

  • Maintain a positive working relationship with a Construction Coordinator

  • Work with Construction Coordinator to design and draw plans for individual projects

  • Update Construction Coordinator about the status of each project through weekly inspections, phone calls, and email communication

  • Update Procore with necessary project information which can include emails, pictures, RFI’s and inspections

  • Create bill of materials list and purchase/order materials

  • Maintain a construction budget with integrity

  • Train and empower non-construction staff to lead projects

  • Allocate budget to projects according to need

  • Utilize and place skilled volunteers among crews and projects

  • Maintain Next Step safety standards

  • Lead and participate alongside students at work projects

  • Participate in daily devos and nightly worship

 Position Requirements

  • Obtaining a BS in Construction Management or related field preferred but not required

  • Field experience required

  • Experience in managing a work site

  • Previous experience in a leadership position

  • Experience in Missions preferred but not required

  • CPR Certification Required

  • Access to a smartphone or tablet preferred but not required