Worship Leader

Paid Position

Support Raising Required

Employment Dates: May 20th - August 6th, 2019

Job Position

As the Worship Leader you will oversee and develop the Worship Team, and lead students in nightly worship. You will work closely with the Emcee on all musical elements of the nightly programing, as well as the Media Tech on all logistical transitions and sound. You will work with youth leaders each new week to understand the worship experiences students are familiar with in order to create an atmosphere conducive to worship. This includes facilitating worship for multiple denominations throughout the summer and learning to engage people with various backgrounds in worship theology. You will lead 54 nights of evening programming in one summer.

Job Responsibilities

  • Train and develop Worship Team Members
  • Maintain weekly contact with a full-time Worship Coordinator
  • Oversee weekly set selection
  • Submit weekly set lists to a Worship Coordinator
  • Responsible for all worship slides on Pro Presenter
  • Facilitate nightly rehearsals for worship
  • Organize set up and sound check daily
  • Coordinate daily with the Emcee and Media Tech to ensure an effective flow of nightly programming
  • Participate alongside students at work projects daily
  • Participate in daily devos and nightly worship

Position Requirements

  • Previous Missions Experience preferred but not required
  • General worship leading experience
  • Experience leading worship rehearsals and practices
  • Experience leading and developing a worship team (i.e. creating set lists, leading a band)
  • Experience leading worship both vocally and instrumentally
  • Familiarity with sound equipment and Mac computers preferred but not required
  • CPR Certification Required