10 Reasons to Serve on Summer Staff in 2022

by the Internship Department

Applications are open for our summer 2022 internships and we have 10 reasons you should serve with us! We could come up with 100 reasons but we were told we had to stick to ten…

  • 1. Grow in your faith: We won’t sugar coat it: a Next Step internship is very challenging. It’s a tiring summer in which you’ll be stretched in ways you’ve never been before, but through those times of weakness, you will have the opportunity to call upon the Lord for strength and wisdom. In doing so, you can’t help but grow closer to Him as you develop a deeper understanding of His faithfulness and the sufficiency of His grace.
  • 2. Professional development: By growing in your ability to effectively resolve conflict, communicate tasks, and work together as a team, you will be developing a skill set that can be used in the everyday challenges of the professional world. Past interns have gone on to leverage what they’ve learned to succeed in a variety of vocations including going into full-time ministry, starting their own non-profit or working for a Fortune 100 company.
  • 3. Partnering with a community: This summer, you could have the opportunity to serve alongside a community which will go far beyond the physical construction project that you will be involved with. You will also have the chance to build relationships with community members. These relationships will impact your life in ways you never expected as you grow in a deeper understanding of what it means to be in community.
  • 4. Play a role in meaningful work project: Serving with us this summer gives you a direct opportunity to help make a difference in a community. Whether it is building meaningful relationships with community members, meeting a tangible construction need for someone’s home, or helping empower existing ministries in a community; you get to be a part of restoration of hope and furthering God’s kingdom through the platform of serving others.
  • 5. Cultural immersion: Every community we partner with is incredible in its own special way, and many are vastly different than what you have ever experienced. Serving with us for a summer provides an opportunity to live in a community and learn about it in a very real way. You’ll hear about the challenges and the joys the community faces and gain a better understanding of what others who live there experience on a day to day basis. 
  • 6. Use your gifts: Serving with us provides a unique opportunity to use your gifts and passions in ways you never have before. A summer with Next Step builds a bridge between using your god-given gifts and making a difference in a community. You will see God use you through the connections you make through your talents and passions. You’ll leave your summer learning more about your specific gifts and how to use them in any community you are a part of back home.
  • 7. Have a ton of fun: A summer with Next Step may be difficult at times but it’s also the best summer you’ll ever have! Ask any past summer staff and they’ll tell you they never had more fun or laughed harder in their lives. 
  • 8. Pouring into youth: This summer you get to meet and influence hundreds of students from all over the country. They will hear of your times of struggle and be comforted by the fact that they are not alone in their affliction. They will hear of your times of joy in the Lord and desire the same experience in their own lives. Students will seek you out with questions and ask for advice, giving you the opportunity to speak truth into their lives. It’s in these conversations that lives will be changed. 
  • 9. Resume builder: Whether you are pursuing worship, youth ministry, or missions, the experience you receive from this internship will set you apart in your career search. You will be placed and developed in a leadership role, which many churches seek out for their next hire. With this experience, our past interns have gone on to various leadership roles in churches across the country, and would agree that this internship helped prepare them for their careers in ministry.
  • 10. Team becomes family: This summer, you have the opportunity to serve alongside a team of 8-10 other college students. This means living, eating, praying, worshipping, and serving together. You’ll get to live in a true community as you celebrate the joys of the summer and grow with the challenges. You’ll walk away from the summer with 100 new inside jokes, memories that you will look back on for a lifetime, and friends that feel like family. 

Ready to apply? Head over to our internship page to learn more and apply and feel free to reach out to brian.ledtke@nextstepministries.com if you have any questions!

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