I was born and raised in Guatemala City, in a family where alcohol and poverty was present. In June of 1997, I accepted the Lord through the testimony of a short-term missionary and was called into a life of missions. Since then, I have become a Physical Education teacher, went to Seminary to become a Bible teacher (still in the process), and hold another degree as an E.S.L. teacher. I am currently taking classes to become a Child Psychologist.


Education has been the door that the Lord has used to break the cycle of poverty in my family, as I have become the first member of my family to pay my university and graduate from it! That is why education has continued to be such an important part of the organization I am now a part of; Breaking Cycles Sumpango. Currently, I serve as a teacher in an orphanage for children that are HIV+, and support and teach at a church near the garbage dump in Sumpango. This is an area with a lot of need; a place where families do not have a safe and permanent place to live and lack running water. Many of the children in this neighborhood do not attend school. Attending school is a privilege to those who can pay the $0.50 a day for transportation.


I continue to see God work in this beautiful community I now consider home. I partner with Next Step ministries as a local coordinator, where together God has used us to bless the church and people of Sumpango. I have no doubts that my life here has a meaning, as I pursue His purpose. With Next Step, my desire is to break cycles of poverty, ignorance, and abuse with the love and power of the Holy Spirit.

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