I was in high school when I was first introduced to Next Step Ministries. Next Step had just started partnering with my family in Rosedale, West Virginia with the desire of long term community development. Every once in a while I was able to join in, helping out with projects and hanging out with the fun summer staff. I grew to really enjoy my time with the work going on, so I figured I’d try it out for myself as an intern.


In 2014, I started my first summer as an intern with Next Step in Lexington, SC. The summer was wonderful and I grew to really love the community. I enjoyed it so much that as soon as it ended, I was imaging where I would travel to the next summer. New Mexico turned out to be the next destination for the following year. Nonetheless, I fell in love with that community too, but in a different kind of way. I wrestled during those 3 months, and had frequent moments of wishing I was back in South Carolina. I didn’t understand why I desired so badly to be back in this state. Little did I know that I would return another two summers as an intern and end up moving there in the spring of 2017.


South Carolina has so easily become my second home. To be quite honest, I never imagined living in the states after college, but here I am. I have been surprised by God’s plans for me, but now I can’t fathom living anywhere else, with any other people. My friends here in this community have quickly become my family. I find so much joy being in community with these folks and having the opportunity to love on them just as they love on me.

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