I was first introduced to Next Step Ministries when I stopped by the internship table at my University. I was looking for an internship within the Community Development field to complete my Intercultural Community Development degree. To be honest, I was looking for an internship overseas. But after talking with the Next Step staff, and a lot of prayer- I decided to do the Community Coordinator internship in Los Angeles. During that summer I grew a tremendous amount in what it looks like to live life with a community, not just work for a community. As I was learning what it looked like to be a part of the Los Angeles community, I fell in love with what both Next Step Ministries and their partners were doing in the L.A. area.


After my first summer in Los Angeles, I had a feeling I was not done living life with the communities Next Step was involved in. But as school started back up, I lost my passion for Los Angeles as I got back into the busyness of homework and classes. In April 2017, Next Step Ministries called me asking if I would like to return to LA and serve as the Team Leader. At first I came up with many excuses as to why I could not go back out, but as God likes to work- He quickly got rid of all the “obstacles” I had. So, I signed up for another summer! As soon as I was back in the L.A. community, I quickly remembered my passion for this area. While serving during the summer of 2017, I felt God calling me to move to Los Angeles and continue living life with those in the area long term. As the summer continued God opened many doors. He provided me with a job, a place to live, and a position with Next Step Ministries. After that summer I went back to Arkansas, packed up my belongings and headed out west!


Los Angeles is quickly starting to feel like home. Those who were just community members I partnered with during the summer are now becoming friends. I love that I get to have a job where I get to walk through life with those living in Los Angeles.

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