While studying at a discipleship program in my hometown of Colorado Springs in 2012, Next Step visited to talk about leading summer mission trips. Although I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I joyfully accepted the opportunity to serve in Nassau, Bahamas. I fell in love with the community, the students, and everything Next Step was about. They truly were passionate about the communities they were serving in, and the gospel message we lived out with the students each week. I even met my now wife, Rebecca, as we both were summer interns that first year!


I continued leading other trips to Crownpoint and Pine Ridge, and once again back to the Bahamas in 2015. I simply couldn’t get enough of what Next Step had to offer and the touching impact Jesus was using them for.


As I thought this was the end of my Next Step experience – I began working at a residential childcare facility in Colorado Springs. There we helped kids within the Division of Youth Corrections find jobs, schooling, healthcare, celebrate important moments, and create a home for them to come back to each day.


Rebecca and I love backpacking in the summer months, skiing and snowboarding in the winter months. I love to lead worship at our church, as music is a strong passion of mine through the ways it inspires the church to connect to God in prayer. Colorado Springs is a community we may potentially live in for many years to come, and for the opportunity to involve Next Step Ministries in our home community, is a dream come true. I look forward to sharing the testimony of what God is doing and how He moves within this city to the many visitors and new friends who will be a part of the ministry happening here in years to come.

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