Age is Just a Number

Mick Silvers, Partnership Coordinator: Los Angeles

“When it comes to ministry, age is just a number. We have to be willing and able to let Christ work through us. Sometimes this can uncomfortable or even scary.”

If you have ever served with us out in Los Angeles you have probably heard me say something like the statement above on Sunday night. When encouraging the students about their week ahead, I try to remind them that they are all in L.A. because Christ has called them.  Although contrary to what the world tells us, God declares he desires to use each of us to expand his kingdom- regardless of age, ability, etc. He most definitely did this with the middle school group we had from Christian Assembly Church this week.

From day one these students came with the mindset of “how can we work alongside”. I got to personally see them in action when I took a group out onto the streets. Every week we take time to go outside onto the streets of Skid Row to do some relational ministry. As soon as we went outside, it was clear they took this to heart as they said hello to every person that walked by. When opportunities arose they would start praying over people. It didn’t matter if this person was twice their age, smelled bad, or looked angry. They were out there on a mission to prove to the Skid Row community that we are all made equal in God’s eyes, and that He loves us unconditionally! The coolest part was how some of the Skid Row community members responded. They started sharing scripture and encouraging the students. This is what the church is supposed to look like! Different people from all walks of life, economic statuses, races coming together to encourage and remind one another of our purpose on this earth. Through these middle school students, I truly believe I saw a small glimpse of heaven.

They didn’t just stop on the streets, anything Next Step threw at them they attacked with love and compassion. They brought the phrase I say every Sunday to life. Because they were willing and able, they brought the love of Christ to the least of these in Los Angeles.

Because of the students of Christian Assembly, I am so excited to see how Christ uses those he has called to Los Angeles this summer. Please continue to pray that God will push us past our comfort zones and lead with the love of Christ.

Next Step Ministries