Big Vision, Big God

Nicole Chick, Partnership Coordinator

In a neighborhood that faces hopelessness, violence, and economic struggle in the inner city of Milwaukee, the Lord has placed a light of hope, a safe place in an unwanted, abandoned warehouse. Adullam Outreach was founded in 2010 with the vision of meeting the practical and spiritual needs of the community. Almost 7 years after it’s birth, the Lord continues to bring individuals and families to Adullam that are so committed to this vision, they uproot their lives to fully invest in the neighborhood.

Hundreds of students and leaders visit Adullam each year to hear about how it came to be, it’s vision, and then play a part in carrying it out through partnership during their week in Milwaukee. Next Step has been partnering with Adullam for over 5 years, assisting in construction projects throughout the facility and in the neighborhood as well as hosting cookouts for the community. For those who have visited Adullam, they know that it is truly a special place. It is a house of prayer, a place of worship, a resource for families to receive referred donations, and a place to build relationships over a cup of coffee in the cafe. The Lord has brought volunteers and staff to Adullam over the years to help carry out these various aspects of the ministry.

However, there is one piece of the vision that has been unsupported, a piece of the vision that is so big that it could radically change the lives of those in the community not just temporarily, but long-term. Adullam has a wood shop with various tools to teach carpentry. The vision is to create a job training program for those in the community to learn carpentry and become employed through the program. Adullam has the tools and resources, but was in need of the right person to implement this big vision.

This summer, the Lord did it again! Through partnership and volunteers that visit Adullam in the summer the Lord connected just the right people to carry out this vision. A couple that has created and implemented a similar program in their home town in the state of Michigan was connected to Adullam, visited, and has recently made the decision to move to Milwaukee and create the same program out of Adullam. This couple will also be moving into the Adullam neighborhood into a home that Next Step volunteers worked on renovating this past summer.

The vision is big, but our God is bigger. In the Lord’s most perfect timing He has brought the right individuals and families to invest into the heart of Adullam and He has brought the right individuals and families to be forever changed as they encounter the Lord through Adullam. Join me in praying as this vision unfolds and in praising God for His faithfulness and His vision that always prevails.

Next Step Ministries