Break Out Of The Box

By Andrew Atwell, Co-Founder and Creative Director

Every year we produce a new film series for Next Step that shows to students during our summer mission trips. Each video series is unique and different. We strive to find the balance between delivering the message in a creative way without compromising the message itself. 

Last year we had the opportunity to team up with Francis Chan to create the Greater Than film series. Francis explained how God is greater than any pain or obstacles or sin we face in life. We filmed Francis delivering the messages out in nature so we could embrace and showcase the expansive beauty of God’s creation.

This year we’re doing the exact opposite.

We’re filming everything within a 20 x 20 white box.

While we aren’t ready to reveal who our main speaker is for this year’s film series, we want you to consider the question — are you currently in a box? Do you feel trapped? Are you limiting your potential because of the expectations or opinions of others?

Breaking out of your box can be difficult and scary — but the good news is God is bigger than any box you find yourself in.

We look forward to breaking out of the box alongside you this summer!

Next Step Ministries