Breaking Cycles Vision: Vocational Training Center

By Betty Merida, Partnership Coordinator


Why are we passionate about creating a vocational training center in the middle of the small town of Sumpango, Guatemala? Because we recognize that the youth of today are the future. That the young people in Sumpango right now will be the adults in the near future. That they have the power to break the vicious cycles the people here have fallen victim to for far too many generations. We want to place the power in their hands. We do not want to raise another generation content with the status quo. Rather, we want to encourage them to be proactive in their lives; to learn a trade they can use to bring in money, all the while continuing their education. We want this all to happen in an environment where every day they are reminded that they are children of a great God who loves them, that they are not forgotten about, but they have a place in the heart of our God.


Our dream is to build a vocational training center here in Sumpango, Guatemala. We want to have a safe place for the teenagers of Sumpango to spend their days learning skills such as changing oil, cooking, carpentry, and rearing animals. We want to continue to encourage education, so the students would attend school in town in the mornings. Then, they would come to the training center for lunch. We believe that if the physical needs of these kids, like hunger, are not met first, there is no way they can succeed in school and learning new skills. In the afternoons the students would be taught different vocations by professionals of the community. Our hope is that they can walk away with a marketable skill they can put to use wherever life may take them. We want to teach them not only how to change the oil of a car, but also where to buy it, how much is a fair price, and how to market their skill. We want to show them how to cook not on fancy stoves, but on the bare minimum equipment, so that they can take this skill wherever they go. We want these young people to know they have something to offer their society, and thus give them a sense of pride that cannot be taken away.


With faith and persistence. This is a huge project. We know that. But we serve a huge God. We believe that this training center is God’s will for the future of Breaking Cycles. And we will continue to believe it until He shows us otherwise. An architect drew us up blueprints and created a model of what could be for our vision. And it is so encouraging. We have the vision, we have the land, we just need to support. This is where we need you all. Spread the word about our dream. Make our vision known. Pray. Pray for provision and pray for strength during our journey ahead. And if you feel like it is something God is asking of you, help support this building financially. Every contribution gets us one step closer to making this far-fetched dream and a reality. Consider joining us on this journey. To contribute financially, visit the convenient link below and select ‘Sumpango, Guatemala’ to Donate and help us go above and beyond.


Thank you and Dios te Bendiga (God Bless)

-Breaking Cycles

Next Step Ministries