Building: The Value in a Project

By Liz Powers, Partnership Coordinator

What value does a construction project have anyway?

This is a question I’ve asked myself often throughout the years as we’ve engaged in countless home repair projects across the country. I mean, I know that at the end of the summer we leave many home owners with new roofs, wheelchair ramps, porches, etc. And we can certainly celebrate the peace that comes in no longer cringing with the next big rain storm, the freedom of increased mobility, and the security that comes in a no longer rickety walk into the front door.

But, I’d be hard-pressed to settle on the physical value being one that is all encompassing. In a myriad of ways throughout the process, we begin to pull back to curtain on the heart of it all. We start to see it in the tear-swelled eyes of an elderly homeowner.  We start to hear it when their voice trembles with appreciation and gratitude. We start to feel it as we hug goodbye after a tiresome day of labor.

You see, the projects themselves are not where the true value lies, but rather in what is being built alongside of every roof, ramp, and porch – real and genuine relationships. In every lunchtime devotion we share, every story we take the time to hear, every encouraging note we write – we are laying the building blocks of our foundation to share the love of Christ. We are cultivating trust, earning the right to be heard, and tangibly exemplifying Jesus’ call to serve our neighbors.

As we head into this season of missions trips, join me in taking a moment to consider the incredible platform home repair provides. As we build homes, ramps, porches, etc. begin to pray for opportunities to build relationships with those you are serving alongside of. Challenge yourselves to take hold of the foundation you create to share the love of Jesus with those you meet this summer.


Happy building!

Next Step Ministries