Burning Bush

By Travis Hendershott, Partnership Coordinator

How have things been going in Colorado Springs? Well, busy. And you know what? I hate it when people say that. It’s like when someone tells you they’re busy you start to feel… like an inconvenience? “Shall I step aside so I don’t make you any busier?”

I’m prone to busy. I’ve heard the Spirit telling me to pause, rest, be in His presence. Read my Bible? No. Pray? No. Journal? No. Just be still. Be in the ‘nothing’ and with Him. Being honest, I have kept on in the business from taking a moment and being with Him, even through His nudging reminders.

Lately I’ve read about Moses and the burning bush differently than before. Exodus 2:23 is said to be a period of 40 years. “All the while during those many days the king of Egypt died, and the people of Israel groaned because of their slavery and cried out for help.” What if for 40 years God was trying to get Moses’ attention all the while his people were crying out for help? And finally, the Lord used a burning bush to get his attention. What’s your burning bush? How many times have you been busy with your work and passed ‘the burning bush’? How long have you been focused on the work but lost sight of the mission?

I recently met with a new homeowner, Gloria. Possibly the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. Sorry mom. Widowed for 20-some years. Before her sat the Bible, prayer books, devotional books (Jesus Calling, of course), and a journal. She told me stories of her Spirit-filled family and all their wonderful accomplishments. Suddenly she looked at me and said how we just need to set aside the business and simply be with God. And in her words, “He’s lonely for our time”. Thanks Gloria, for being my burning bush.

What’s your burning bush? How’s He trying to get your attention?


“How can I lead people into the quiet place beside the still waters if I am in perpetual motion?”  – Eugene Peterson

Next Step Ministries