Continued Partnership

By Leah Swank, Partnership Coordinator

Last May, Devin and I had the awesome opportunity to sit down with each of our community partners in one room. The time we were able to spend with these directors was incredible. We were able to gather together and introduce the partners to one another, share what each of them does in different OKC communities, and how we could collectively be praying for one another as we entered into the crazy summer season. It was wonderful to watch them connect in ways we did not expect, but also to encourage one another in ways we could not have anticipated.

Fast forward to last month and you will have found a similar gathering, only this time we met up at the new Restore OKC Market. Each of the attendees shared wonderful feedback about how each of the groups who served in their neck of the woods was able to love and serve their neighbors so well. We got to come together and begin brainstorming for what is next for each of them…and believe me God is moving in creative ways for each of their organizations, so stay tuned! Each of them shared how we could be praying and encouraging them as they work on upcoming endeavors, and lastly, we got to check out the Restore OKC property. It was so cool to see Josh giving them a tour of the community garden, the greenhouses, and areas that were being developed as we speak. What made the gathering all the more special was that it took place on the very deck that so many of our students and leaders worked tirelessly on this summer.

As we were able to come together and share with each other about what God had done over the summer, I was so excited to share with them that God had opened doors in the community for a potential new partner in the future-one that does things a little different than what we are used to. They were so excited to welcome this new partner into the OKC community family and begin serving and encouraging them in the ways they had already been doing for one another.

It goes without saying, that much of what we are able to do in OKC would not be possible without the help of our community partnerships. To see how God continues to serve the various OKC communities through their humble service is awe-inspiring. As we begin to wind down with the holiday season approaching, I would encourage you to take a moment and lift these organizations up in prayer and ask that God would continue to bless their mission and ministries in the upcoming year!

Next Step Ministries