Continuing the Past, Building a Future

By Dave Porter, Partnership Coordinator

Hello teams and supporters, my name is David Porter. With a recent transition into the Partnership Coordinator role in Pine Ridge, here’s my first blog on what’s going on in the community. Although I’m still learning some of the logistics, we continue to work as a team to pursue what ministry in Pine Ridge can look like. Our entire summer in Pine Ridge is already filled with teams. We are still recruiting a couple more Summer Staff for the team that will spend their summer leading the trips and building relationships in the community. Please keep this in prayer and ask God for provision in those final few additions to the team.

Mel and I recently visited each of the homes we will continue to work on from last year. It was great to meet these homeowners and hear how blessed they were from the teams who came.  Pray we can continue to build relationships with these homeowners and see them connect more with local churches in their areas. This is our hearts desire for the projects in Pine Ridge. That we can use them as a platform to connect Christ-followers and engage the church in each area we are working.

We have some big visions this year. One being to build a new home at the property of Restoration Church, which we hope will be the start of a church community where people can live around other believers, where relationships can be strengthened, and where discipleship can happen.  This is a bold step of faith for us and there are a lot of pieces that need to come together to make this happen. So this too, is a huge area of prayer.

Overall this year should fun and exciting as I have just returned from a Next Step team training in Madison, WI. I left with a lot to think through and hopefully see lived out on Pine Ridge this year!  Thanks so much for keeping us in prayer and we look forward to seeing what all God will do through us all, to Him be the glory!

Next Step Ministries