Create A Legacy, It Impacts The Next Generation

Partnership Coordinator, Charity Ramsey

The Scooter Scott Program is a local program in Lexington County and was the first partnership formed with Next Step when we entered Lexington County. This program strives to create a loving, Christ centered environment that meets students and families where they are and to walk life out with them. No quick fixes, just consistent long-term commitment to these individuals. One of our senior students in the program wrote this for their last after school gathering of the year:

“What the Scooter Scott Program means to me is leadership. The first time I heard about the Scooter Scott Program, before it got it’s new name is through a family friend who was in the program. A little short, bald headed man approached my family, to mainly talk to my brother because he was also in the program. He had a big smile on his face that made you want to smile. He introduces himself as Rev. Scooter Scott of the Nehemiah Project. He told my mom how wonderful of a son she has and asked if he could join the program, and she gladly accepted. I remember the first time he came to my house and asked her if I could join. I didn’t want to because of myself being shy and not wanting to meet new people. My mom said if my grades didn’t look good, then I would have to join the program. A couple of days later I got my grades and they didn’t look too good, so my mom enrolled me into the program. My first day of the program, I thought was going to be awful, but once I got there, the people there welcomed me in open arms and I felt loved. During the years of being in this program I learned a lot, became more sociable towards people, stepped out of my comfort zone, gained new friends, gained more confidence, and mainly learned the two most favorite words from Mr. Scooter: leadership and respect. Now that Mr. Jeff has taken over, he also has taught me a lot of new skills like making soap, earning scholarship money by selling soap, introducing me to new people who could help me out in the near future, and encouraging and helping me to get my driver’s license. If I could go back in time just to tell Mr. Scooter thank you, I would, because without him, Mr. Jeff, Ms. Janice, Mrs. Summers and the rest of the staff I don’t know where I would be. I want to thank them all for all the opportunities they gave me, the challenges and skills, and the help.” – Joy Brooks

Scooter Scott passed away in 2015 – he was the founder and director of the program, and so much more to those in it and to those who willingly volunteered and came alongside the ministry.  The program continues to do what is was created to do, and so does his legacy.

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