By Travis Hendershott, Partnership Coordinator

With anything new, there’s always big questions and a desire for direction. Being Next Step’s first summer partnering in Colorado Springs the anticipation of how and what our first summer would look like stressed no less of a concern. Because at Next Step we desire to further the vision of our community partners, the sky was the limit and the possibilities were endless in terms of our involvement this summer.

Now that our first summer has passed, I think of 3 ideas of how direction is cultivated:

  1. What past experiences are shaping the future?
  2. Where does direction come from?
  3. How is God communicating His guidance?

First off, past experiences are shaping the future. Plain and simple, boring and practical – we learned that pulling permits for Colorado commercial buildings/organizations are much more time consuming and complicated than pulling a permit for a homeowner. This has naturally pushed the effort towards homeowners. You could say one way is too hard and let’s just go the easy route. Call me lazy. But could God use permits to change the focus for people we partner with in the community? Heaven yeah He can!

Secondly, where does direction come from? God and the community. We are called to be fervent listeners. Realize that when we listen to one another, it shows that we care and desire to be in relationship with that person. For example; I’m married. If I never listened to my wife, do you think I’m going to have a good relationship with her? Of course not. So in the same way we listen to God (perhaps our prayers should be with our mouths closed the majority of the time) and listen to the community; their needs and desires should shape our mission. 

Save the best for last, how is God communicating His guidance? People. All through scripture we see God using sheep, I mean… people. How baffling that he entrusts us to carry the weight of His glory. Quite literally we see this in the story of the arc of the covenant. People were carrying Him/it on their shoulders as they traveled so God’s presence could be with them from place to place.  (Deuteronomy 15:15) All this to say, people have meaning and importance. One thing that sticks out to me was how relational and constructive it was working with residents on their homes this 2017 summer. Just an all around meaningful project.

So, what is God’s direction as partnership in Colorado Springs continues? Not sure that a spot-on conclusion is the point. But I do hear Him speaking and guiding through this past summer to seek out homeowners. Pray for continued direction this year and for the momentum to carry us into the 2018 summer. We are excited for the Next Step! I mean next step.

Next Step Ministries