Extend the Impact of Your Mission Trip: Passion Projects!

By Kinsey Tucker, Community Development Coordinator

Over the past 10 years, Next Step has partnered with over 20 communities and has served with over 500 families and organizations through construction projects and service work. It has been thrilling to see God at work through every nail hammered, roof repaired, wheelchair ramp built, and more. When students come on a trip with Next Step the money raised for their trip fee goes directly towards the materials used to complete the work projects. It’s amazing to see what happens when students commit to giving back to a community. But sometimes needs arise that go beyond what our mission trip costs can provide.

If money were no object, our on-the-ground Partnership Coordinators in each community have big dreams of how they would love to bless their communities and build in their neighborhoods in ways that go far beyond our financial abilities on mission trips. They have worked these dreams into Passion Projects and are working towards getting funding from different businesses and partners within their own community. These Passion Projects range widely depending on the community, but some examples include an electrical work project for a family, improving a community night, and building an urban community garden. This is a fun new opportunity that goes beyond a mission trip.

Would it be crazy to ask if your youth group would be willing to adopt a Passion Project this summer?

If you would like to adopt a Passion Project with your students and continue in making a difference in one of these beloved communities, long after your trip – let us know! Each project focuses on a specific need that falls outside a typical mission trip that a community is facing and met with a plan to help meet that need. We pray one of these Passion Projects could challenge and inspire your students to make a difference.We are excited to see what God will do and pray for His Kingdom to come here as it is in heaven.

Check out the links below to read about the specific community Passion Projects.

South Carolina


Colorado Springs

New York

Los Angeles

West Virginia


Questions? Ready to adopt a passion project? Contact me at: kinsey.tucker@nextstepministries.com or Donate Now at https://nextstepministries.com/donate/

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