Forever a Guest

By Mick Silvers , Partnership Coordinator

We are all guests in this world…created to bring glory to the ultimate host.

For the past five months I have felt like a guest but never a host. I have been in a pretty constant state of transition. Recently, in my own life, I had some unexpected events occur, putting me back to square one in my search for housing in LA. This set back made me feel so defeated as I was ready to have a place of my own. I was so desiring to be able to be the host, the creator of the rules, to have others over when I wanted, to be able to have a space of silence and comfort, to feel like I actually live in Los Angeles and am not just existing in someone else’s space.

I was explaining this today (February 1st) to one of the men that is experiencing homelessness living on my hall- which became a very humbling experience very quickly. Here I was so caught up in my own selfish desires that I was complaining about my housing to someone who has been experiencing homelessness for many years. Luckily, I live in an amazing community that takes on your personal problems as their own, no matter the situation. My friend looked at me with a smile (I think he realized the irony in this conversation before I even did), waited for me to be finished talking, and then proceeded to speak some truth into my life.

“Mick, we are all guests in this world”-was his initial answer to me. He went on to explain how none of us truly own anything. That is not what we were created for. We were created to live in community with one another with the ultimate goal of glorifying our creator or our “host”- Jesus Christ. He reminded me that we are not promised nice worldly possessions, but are promised the the ultimate gift of love and salvation through Christ. In all actuality, Christ tells us when we choose to follow him we will experience times of hardship. He reminded me that while this week may have been hard, and that this whole month may be difficult- it all has an end. None of this hardship or disappointment will last, but Christ’s love and promises are everlasting.

While his reminder was simple, it was extremely powerful. It was powerful because it was the gospel he was explaining to me. God’s good news is simply powerful. While times in our personal lives may be difficult, we need to be reminded of the simplicity and power of the gospel.   

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