How to Write a Missions Trip Support Letter

By James Davenport, Church Partnership Director

Support raising can be one of the most intimidating things you ever do! It is hard to ask others to help you achieve a personal dream yet it is truly rewarding to see God using other people in accomplishing His will in your life!

Here are a few tips we think might be helpful as you prepare to sit down and write your support letter.


Before the Letter

  • Pray!
  • Brainstorm a list of all the people whom should receive your letter.
  • Gather addresses and insert a pre address envelope for all your letters.
  • Create a response card for your donors to fill out to track your giving and allows you the ability personally thank each donor.
  • Pray: Did we mention that this should be top priority?

Writing the Letter

  1. Introduce Yourself
    • Personal Greeting: Hand write your readers name (avoid the generic title of “Dear Friend”).
    • Provide a Personal Update: Bring your reader up to date on your life.
  1. Explain the Mission
    • Who are you going with: Share about your church/youth group, sending mission organization, and any community partners.
    • What you are doing: Share about where are you going and what will you be doing on the mission trip.
    • Why you are doing it: Share about what has prompted you to go on this mission trip.
  1. Ask for Ministry Partners
    • Explain your need: Clearly and specifically state your need for x amount of prayer partners and x amount of dollars by a specified deadline
    • How can they give: Provide all the details for potential donors to join your support team.
  1. Express Thanks
    • Emphasize your thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude for their consideration of joining your team!

After the Letter

Keep good records of your response cards of any donation that comes through so that you can write a personal thank you card to those who have sacrificially given to support your trip. A good idea is to also write a follow up letter after your trip and let each partner (prayer and financial) of all that God did on your mission trip.

Lastly, support raising is a step of faith and the best place to begin is with prayer. Take time to pray and ask God to help you through this whole process! You are about to embark on an incredible adventure, not only on this upcoming mission trip, but also trusting in God for His provision for the needed funds. Throughout Scripture, time after time – God provides. We absolutely know that this will be an opportunity for you to grow in your dependence on God as you trust in Him to provide for your needs this summer!



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