Humble Servant

By Leah Swank, Partnership Coordinator

Over the last five summers in Oklahoma, each group of interns has been blessed to encounter several members of the community that have taken it upon themselves to encourage and support the staff to the best of their ability. This summer was no different.

Friends, say hello to Nicole. Nicole has been around Next Step since the very beginning. Her boys love hanging with the Next Step guys and her daughter Kelsey interned with us this summer. Nicole may seem soft spoken when you first meet her, but her actions speak volumes.

This summer she was up at the church just about every night assisting our staff in the kitchen, washing dishes, or helping set up for our commissioning service in the evening. If she wasn’t helping out in the kitchen you would find her sitting in the back of the sanctuary-worshipping right along with the staff and students.

On night one with students, the staff plays a video that shares with groups key elements of being taking on a mission mindset while in the community. Being a humble servant is one of these elements.

As a Partnership Coordinator, it is easy to take on the mindset of needing to lead every time you set foot in the church or on a worksite-to be an example. This summer, it wasn’t me doing the leading, but Nicole. She served until there wasn’t anything left to do, and then asked how she could help. Often times you would find her in the background, but the truth is that much of what was accomplished in the evenings when students got back from sites can be pointed back to her involvement.

So on behalf of the Oklahoma staff, Nicole, we would like to say a HUGE thank you for all the ways you were involved this summer. You loved each of us well and we are all so thankful for you and your family! As the summer comes to a close, we pray that the Lord would bless you immeasurably as you continue to serve this community!

Next Step Ministries