Indispensable Love

Charity Ramsey, Partnership Coordinator

Indispensable Love (1 Corinthians 13)

Definition of Indispensable: absolutely necessary, essential, all-important, required, vital, must-have, KEY.   

In Corinthians it talks about the many God-given gifts we manifest. This is great news, but it also says if we don’t use these gifts in love then they means nothing. We can go and we can do. We can give ourselves, our time, our money. There is so much good a person can display, but what if your heart isn’t right in doing these things? The scriptures say then this means nothing. All that we say and do, must be done in love to be glorifying to our Lord.

As an extension of the body of Christ serving in South Carolina, I am blessed to be a part of God at work. The community leaders and mission organizations around me are phenomenal and their work blows me away. They go to large extents to love better, care deeper and serve endlessly. They embody the definition of love, and do it well.

I find myself desiring to have a selflessness like them. They desire Christ centered community with their neighbors. They desire change, and not just from a visual point of view like fixed up windows, porches and interior home work. They desire a deep and radical change that is heart transforming. They want to be a light that reflects Christ within all conversations and encounters. They care less about what this world thinks, and more about what God thinks.

I am in awe of these friends and partners I get to serve with. They encourage me, being so unaware that they are challenging me to change and check my own heart. They embody true heart and mind transformation. They love because Christ first loved. Their love isn’t selfish, self-seeking, impatient, boastful, prideful, envying or dishonoring. What an indispensable love this is.

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