Just A Week

By Charity Ramsey, Partnership Coordinator

You may have come on your mission trip knowing that you weren’t the only group on a trip to South Carolina. Perhaps you were here with multiple groups, serving in different communities the week you were here. Whatever experience you may have had, know that it wasn’t viewed as “just a week” in the books for our community.You may have served on a VBS, or at a home with a homeowner. Maybe you served at a local program or organization in the community. The short (but impactful) week you had here, meant a lot to those you came in contact with during the course of those few days. Know that our community, our partners, and our homeowners think of you often. They bring you up in conversations to their friends and to their families. They share about what you did for them and what they were able to contribute themselves by using their own personal assets. They talk about those lunchtime devos, and how that was their most valuable and cherished time of the day with you.

You meant more than “just a week” of a new group from a new state. You are thought of and cared for by those individuals that came to know you by name. You entered into a place, you loved, served, sweated, sweated, and did I mention that you sweated… a lot? And our community saw that sacrifice and your desire to be here. You meant more to them than just a new roof, new ceiling, or new floor. You were a new friend, a new brother or sister in Christ. These tangible things are a great way to serve our neighbors, but what we are really after is that relationship, that’s what continues to encourage and bring joy even after the work done.

Have you been thinking about your week long trip here, have you reflected on the faces of the people you had conversations with? What was God teaching you during that time? What have you taken home with you and applied to how you live missionally where you are at? How did your homeowner serve you, what conversations were you blessed by? Take a moment to look back on your time here, pray for those faces you pictured as you read this. Thank God for the opportunity to serve and to be served.

Next Step Ministries