Just Let It Happen

By Marissa Martinie, Construction Internship Coordinator

Just let it happen.

…and by that, I mean, let God. Let God move. Let God author. Let God provide. Let God choose the time. Let God take the lead. Let God change your perspective.

You see, I was in a tough season of life.  Haven’t we all had those?  I graduated from college, served another summer with Next Step, and then landed at home in fall of 2016.  I’m usually the one who prepares and plans ahead; the responsible one.  But I was home, with nothing to do.  I was home desperately seeking purpose and direction.  I was home with passion and dreams waiting to be lived out.

I tried everything I was trained to do to get a job in my field of study, and sought God throughout that time, confident He would give me an opportunity. But every door I tried, wouldn’t open.  It was with a genuine heart that I sought the Lord so diligently in that time. I knew He was in control and I knew that the plans He had for me would be for my good. But when? And why was it taking so long? And why wasn’t I hearing His voice?

It was when I heard the lyrics to this beautiful song that everything changed.

You are full of life now
Full of passion
That’s how He made you
Just let it happen.

And He whispers
To your heart
To let it go
And to be a light

(Let It Happen by United Pursuit)

Even though I was praying for God’s will to be done in my life, I still had a tight grasp on it.  What the Lord taught me was to step back, sit down, and watch Him move. I pictured it as if I was observing Him by looking through a beautiful window out at the He ways He is working in my world.  I continued to press into the Lord at that time, but it was no longer a demanding cry for immediate answers, but an invitation to let Him do what He does best.

As always, God definitely moved and I had peace about where I was at with life.  He provided a job for the time being, so He could eventually open a door for me to join the Next Step team where I  could start to live out the specific calling I believe He has placed on my heart. Just wow, God is faithful. I’ve now learned the peace and freedom that comes when I take a step back to let the Lord, who is so faithful, steadfast, and loving take the lead. I’ve learned to just let it happen.

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