Kingdom Come

By Travis Hendershott, Partnership Coordinator

Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs is a hub for many of the surrounding homeless population. Daily they provide clothing contributed by donation – whether it be a warmer jacket for the winter months, gloves, hats, underwear, or t-shirts. Walk-ins are welcomed with an opportunity to meet a medical doctor, mental health therapist, alcohol and drug addiction counselor, or even an address to receive mail. They help homeless with getting identification or birth certificates – everything I’ve failed to properly appreciate. Upstairs they have computers for those looking into jobs and a staff member to assist in helping with resumes and appropriate interviewing skills. Marian House is a partner which provides daily warm home-cooked meals.

I enjoy Catholic Charities’ non-competitive goal. This place is led by few actual paid staff members, the rest volunteers. If their services are limited and aren’t able to address the needs of someone, they will seek out resources to help get the individual what they need. It’s not about Catholic Charities being anything special to people, but rather showing people they are special and giving them a choice to move away from the street life – if they desire to.

I finished volunteering at the resource desk and began walking to my car. There sat a woman on the cold concrete ground smoking a cigarette with a sign that read “bless the rich”, asking for money or what have you. I thought of Jesus’ sermon in Matthew 5:3 “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” This woman knew that she was rich toward God in a way that I may not understand or personally have felt. She may not have a car or a place to “rest her head”, but she knows that in the Kingdom’s eyes she is rich. Her treasures are stored in heaven and her heart does not understand the wealth of this world.

It’s hard to experience a place like Catholic Charities and not be changed. Seeing the community it creates and how the homeless love one another opens up the gospel right before my eyes. May we never see the homeless as a burden to the community but rather a rich and blessed folk opening the gates to heaven. Amen.

Next Step Ministries