Lorain: Jewel of the North Coast

By Liz Powers, Partnership Coordinator

Do you ever leave space in your week to dream? To ask yourself – where do I want to be in the next 10 years? Where do I see my community, family, and friendships evolving?

Recently, in Lorain, we have been taking time to do just that. The image you see above is the front page of our local newspaper- The Morning Journal. You may notice, though, it is dated to June 20, 2027. This is one of our dreams- that 10 years from now our city will be recognized as ‘The Jewel of the North Coast’, that the stigmas that currently plague our city will be a distant memory, and that positive celebrations can replace stories of devastation on the front page of our newspaper. Dreaming is fun isn’t it?

But here’s the thing, dreaming is only the first step. It provides us an end goal, but also begs the question ‘So how do we get there?’ Here in Lorain we have been engaging in a series of community conversations around that very question. In the image of our 2027 Morning Journal cover you will notice a couple blank spaces to be filled in, this is where we determine the steps to accomplish our dreams. We believe a foundational part of this process rests in networking and collaboration. Throughout these conversations people with similar passions in their vision for our city have been identified and will soon be grouped together to actually begin working together on some of these steps.

It’s so cool to see the impact of a focused group of passionate citizens. The conversation has only just begun and we are certainly excited by the potential to make these dreams come alive. Please join us in praying for our city and the Lorain Proud movement. Check out the link below for more details.

Lorain Proud Website

Next Step Ministries