Making The Right Connections

Charity Ramsey, Partnership Coordinator

This past summer a few of our groups volunteered their time and energy to an outstanding program in our Happy Town community for two consecutive weeks. These two weeks were a trial run to see if it was the right fit for our community kids, if all went well then the program would be extended to go six weeks the next summer. The Lord provided the people, the resources, and the program will be happening this 2019 summer for six whole weeks, we are thrilled and expectant of how God is going to work in and through this amazing resource!

The program is called “Making The Right Connections”, a place for children grades 3-5 to learn how to build positive relationships within their schools, communities, churches and their families. Making the Right Connections increases self-esteem, teaches anger management skills and how to resolve conflicts with a positive outcome.

We will be teaching kids how to deal with drug identification and educate them about the harmful things they can do to your mind and body. Each week we have guest speakers from musicians, pilots, doctors, and athletes to come and talk about their profession and what it took to become what they wanted to be. Every day the kids get to spend time using their creative skills to make a special art project and get to have plenty of fun!

As you think about these kiddos and the impact this program is going to have on them, please be in prayer over the interactions that will be taking place during these weeks. Pray for intentionality and relationship building, for these young ones to feel loved, seen, heard, accepted, valued, and worthy. Pray for are partner Church,  Turner AME who is hosting this program and doing all the preparations pre-summer.


Psalm 127:3 “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.”

Next Step Ministries