Media Tech

Paid Position

Support Raising Required

Employment Dates: May 25th - August 11th, 2020

Position Description:

As a Media Tech you are responsible for all media and programming logistics during the nightly worship. You will run ProPresenter, as well as manage the lights, the sound, and any other creative elements of the evening program. Ultimately, your role is to coordinate with the Emcee and Worship Leader on a daily basis, ensuring that the overall flow of evening programming runs smoothly both in its transitions and technical presentation. Additionally, you will also have ministry opportunities during the day as you work alongside students on work projects. You will see students’ lives changed as they grow into a deeper understanding of God through serving in the community during the day and experiencing powerful programming each night.


  • Work with Emcee and Worship Leader to effectively run all ProPresenter presentations for evening programing
  • Responsible for mixing sound and operating the soundboard during evening programing
  • Facilitate and oversee all transitions in programming and the overall flow of nightly worship
  • Lead and participate alongside students at work projects daily
  • Contribute as a team player in all aspects of mission trip facilitation
  • Participate in daily devotionals and evening programming


  • Must be a believer in Jesus Christ and hold to Next Step's Statement of Faith
  • Previous missions experience preferred but not required
  • Familiarity with Pro Presenter preferred but not required *
  • Familiarity with sound equipment and Mac computers preferred but not required *

* Full training course on equipment and software is provided

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