Ministry Opportunities

By Liz Powers, Partnership Coordinator

‘I know God hears me because He had you call me today. Last night was really hard, I really needed to know He was with me.’


This is a an excerpt of a conversation I had with a homeowner we will be working with in Lorain County this upcoming summer. Miss Sheila is sweet, funny and kind. Being a homebound senior citizen combatting several health challenges, she reached out to Next Step in search of some assistance with her leaking roof. We are so excited to be able to help on the roof, but I think God has more in mind for this relationship.

When I first met with Miss Sheila, I was struck at how friendly and open she was with me almost immediately. She shared some amazing stories of how active she used to be in the children’s ministry at her church, how she raised her niece and nephew, and how she used to work at Cedar Point in her younger days. It was fun to see her eyes light up as she shared some of her favorite memories with me.

As we got deeper into our conversation, however, it was clear that not everything was ‘sunshine and rainbows’ for Miss Sheila. In addition to the physical challenges she was having with her health, she was brought to tears when she started talking about her feelings of loneliness. Miss Sheila lives alone and is unable to drive, making it impossible to meet basic needs on her own like doctor appointments and groceries, let alone to get to places like church or visiting with friends.


I share all of this with the permission of Miss Sheila- not to evoke sympathy, but to uncover the opportunities we have in serving in Lorain County, OH.

  1. When I called Miss Sheila a couple of weeks ago to tell her that myself and the rest of the prayer team were lifting her up, she knew Christ had heard her prayers. God worked through us to comfort Miss Sheila. Imagine how he can work through you during your time here in Ohio!
  2. Unfortunately, Miss Sheila’s story is not unlike the story of many of the individuals we work with here in Ohio. While our connection to them starts out with a physical need, the opportunity to pour into these individuals on a relational and spiritual level is great. What a cool way to engage with truly holistic ministry!


Would you join me in praying for Miss Sheila? I am praying that she will feel the Lord with her always as well as for the opportunity we have to serve with her this summer!

Next Step Ministries