Ministry Platforms: Projects & A Radio Station

By Dave Porter, Partnership Coordinator

As winter comes to a close, things here on Pine Ridge are starting to thaw out and the snow is melting. It has been very windy here and has been the true test for the construction Next Step did last year. We are reflecting on the great work done. 

As another summer approaches, I’ve begun to look at some possible new projects and once again, it should be a great opportunity to help those with physical needs here in the community. But much more than that, we are eager to create a platform where we can develop  deeper relationships and seek to build a stronger community over the long-term here on the reservation. This year, we are trying to focus on getting more of the local individuals and families involved in these projects. Our desire is to help them pinpoint and identify just how many talents and gifts they have, and how they can give and contribute to the whole process and larger community through those gifts.

We are also excited to share our new Christian radio station is up and running. Already, we are hearing many positive testimonies of how people are being encouraged by it.  We are currently planning a unity gathering with people from several different churches on Pine Ridge. This gathering will be centered on outreach, where we go door to door and pass out flyers about the radio station, and then use it as an opportunity to pray for people, share Jesus, and try to connect with people we don’t already know. We hope to go out two by two, one native and one non-native together, as a display of our unity in Christ. We are so excited to see how God continues to move. Keep praying… God is good!!         

Next Step Ministries