Month of Love

By Mick Silvers, Partnership Coordinator

The month of February is sometimes referred to the month of love. For Next Step it is also a very busy planning month. This month I have started to stress out as I plan for the 2 spring break trips we have coming up in Los Angeles. I have been easily stressing over different logistics that I need to take care of. As I have been stressing, it has been easy to forget why I love my job with Next Step.


A few days ago a good friend that lives at the Union Rescue Mission reminded me of the value in intentionally refocusing my perspective on my love for what I do. They challenged me to start a list of why I love what I do, and add to it every time I start to feel stress creeping in. Through this exercise I remembered why I love the partnership and the work I do between Union Rescue Mission and Next Step Ministries. More importantly, I was reminded of why I moved out to LA in the first place. It is so easy to get caught up in tasks that we forget the heart of what we are doing.


So, during the month of love, I challenge you to reflect on why you love what you do every day. Through this I pray that you realize that you are doing what God has created you for!

Next Step Ministries