Ms. Peggy

By Liz Schaefer, Partnership Coordinator

A couple of weeks ago I was on my weekly grocery run when I ran into Ms. Peggy. This summer we had several Next Step teams connected with her to address some issues she was having with the siding on her home. As we caught up, I was astounded by what she shared. This summer Ms. Peggy was in the midst of battling several medical issues. A couple of times she even had to leave the Next Step groups working at her home while she attended doctor appointments.


‘Liz, I’m sharing this with anyone that will listen. After those Next Step teams prayed for me, the doctors continued to become more and more surprised. At the beginning of this summer, I was inches away from having a heart attack. Since then, my body has been healing in unexplainable ways. Tests are being cleared left and right.’


Wow, talk about watching God at work. I mean, I’ve always felt confident that God works through our Next Step volunteers, but there was something about her describing the play by play that inspired in me a special sense of wonder. It was like she was pulling back the curtain on God’s process and it brought me to a particular place of awe. She continued:


‘My doctors are about as baffled as I am. I mean, this is the first time that I have seen this prayer thing work in my life, the first time. I told you before that I’m not very religious, but this is different. It’s changed my life.’


Ms. Peggy has lived seven decades without witnessing the power of prayer. Let that sink in, seven decades. At this perfect place, in such a time as this, God decided to use the willing hands of his Church to make his power known. And 3 months later, Ms. Peggy is still being transformed. Sitting in awe of the power of God, ‘telling anyone who will listen’.


One of the deepest honors that comes with my role as a Partnership Coordinator here in Lorain County is the opportunity to stay connected with the homeowners we work with on a long term basis. Continuing to meet up with them reminds me of the work that God is doing in my community, day in and day out. He’s writing a unique and beautiful story here.


Thanks to all who worked at Ms. Peggy’s this summer. Her home has been restored, but most importantly her heart has been changed. Let’s continue to lift her up- towards full restoration, both on a spiritual and physical level.

Next Step Ministries