By Liz Powers, Partnership Coordinator

And just like that we wrap up another season of mission trips. It is with great joy that we reflect on the countless homes repaired, friendships created, and lives impacted by Christ over the past nine weeks throughout our mission trip season. Join with me in a couple praises specifically from Ohio this summer:

19 youth groups served in Lorain County.

That shakes out to 276 visiting volunteers…

Who partnered with 10 homeowners/ community organizations…

To complete 20 different construction projects… 

Led by 10 summer staff members.

While we praise Him for the incredible work that has taken place both in Ohio and across the globe this summer, I can’t help but to think about the months ahead. As I look at the stats above in complete celebration, another word continues to come to mind.


Each of those 19 youth groups, 276 volunteers, 10 staff members, and 10 homeowners represent a community of their own. A network of souls connected directly to them, a mission field they engage with every day. If we really take a second to think through that, the praise reports from this summer have incredible potential to multiply over the next couple of months as we enter back into our schools, families, and home communities with a refueled passion to serve.

During this time of celebrating an incredible summer of ministry, let us be aware to enter this next season with a new anticipation, realizing that maybe our mission experience does not have to end with the summer trips. Perhaps this is merely where it begins.

Next Step Ministries