MYSTEP: Tools to take the next step

By Nextstep

Have you ever returned home from a mission trip only to wonder what happens next? Mission trips are a unique and incredible opportunity to live in community, worship, and ask questions of faith. At Next Step, it is our prayer that your faith would continue to flourish and your relationship with God would go deeper as you return home from the trip. To help with this, we created Mystep.

Simply put, MyStep is a resource for you to grow in your faith journey after the mission trip is over. This online, interactive, follow-up program is designed to help you explore your faith, experience God, and extend Jesus’ love to others. It includes a wide variety of ways for you to grow in your faith.

MyStep features Daily Devotional videos to help you draw close to God through scripture, stories, and questions. The devotions span a wide range of topics from anger, contentment, forgiveness, sex, hope, identity, discipline, worship, and much more. This is a great way to spend time with God every day and dive into topics of interest.

The Media Stream includes blogs, articles, and various film projects. This section is perfect for group discussions! Feature some of the videos during a small group session, youth group meeting, or invite some friends over and share your reflections.

The Truth and Dare section highlights inspirational stories from Christians that came into contact with the power and truth of Jesus Christ and dared to live it out in their lives. These videos are an incredible way to hear real-life testimonies and to be inspired to live out faith in your own life.

You can easily share what God is doing in your life by visiting the Prayer Wall. Here you can anonymously post your concerns and praises. You can pray for others and grow in your relationship with God!

The prayer wall and devo stories are also available as iOS or Android apps, so you can access the material no matter where you are! The prayer wall app can send you silent push notifications when a prayer is posted. It’s awesome to know you can pray for someone at the exact moment they need it! You can even set a daily reminder on the apps as accountability for your prayer and devotional times.

Check it out for yourself at or download the apps here! We are praying this would be a helpful and productive resource for you as you draw near to God.

Next Step Ministries