NY Passion Project

By Blesson Mathew, Partnership Coordinator


Every year we take on projects that we see could make a long lasting impact for the families we get to serve alongside. In the process of figuring what we can and cannot do, finances play a major role. With most projects, we are able to collaboratively plan for extra costs, however the challenge comes when unexpected surprises rise up. What if there was a way that money didn’t have to be as much of a deciding factor in selecting projects? What if, when those unexpected surprises came up we had a cushion to bounce up from?


Everything that is raised will go right back into the community here in NY. There have been times where homeowners could have moved into their homes that have been vacant since Hurricane Sandy in 2013 a lot sooner if we were able to coordinate help even after the summer trips. If it comes down to hiring a contractor or a few skilled workers to finish the drywall, or stairs going into the house to get the final CO, these funds would be a crucial help.



A lot of the homeowners we serve alongside here in NY have inherited the homes they live in, homes passed on from generations. Many of the original owners bought theses homes at a time when living in theses communities was affordable. Times like this, when a hurricane has destroyed all that they had inherited and scams from contractors occur often, are were we get to step in share the love that they thought they had lost. Visit the convenient link below and select NY to Donate and help us go above and beyond.


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