Opening Eyes to the Community

By Travis Hendershott, Partnership Coordinator

During this past summer Next Step students and leaders have been working with Mission Medical and Crossfire Ministries off of La Salle Street. Throughout the weeks we would walk across the street from Mission Medical’s health clinic to help with Crossfire’s food pantry. While all the commotion was happening and construction projects coming together, another local school took notice on that same street. That school is called RoundUp School and Day Treatment. The Roundup School was developed for dual diagnosed students who experience difficulties in more traditional school settings. They offer a therapeutic, small group setting where students receive individualized attention. They help students feel safe, develop relationships, learn basic academic and community skills.

Within the short amount of time I have talked with RoundUp School I have quickly found that it is a special place. It is a place that advocates and cares for their students and seeks the best learning environment possible. Next Step is excited to begin working on remodeling projects around their building where it needs attention, while school is happening.

We will get to experience what they are actively doing within the community and how they are serving their students. Many families within this community depend on RoundUp School for educating their kids while they can also care and give them the attention they need. I am enthused to not only improve the learning environment within the school’s building but also fellowship with the students this coming summer.

It’s a great reminder to always keep an open eye within your community where you’re already at. Something right next door may be an opportunity for relationship, partnership and serving to meet one another’s needs and has been there the entire time.


Thank you God for this new relationship within the Colorado Springs Community! Woohoo!    

Next Step Ministries