Pieces of the Puzzle

Liz Powers, Partnership Coordinator

As a representative of my community, the task of delivering our volunteers a comprehensive picture of the work the Lord is doing year-round in Lorain County is always tricky. Throughout their trip, Next Step volunteers have the privilege of witnessing the Lord’s transformative work in a very intimate and personal setting. Often, visiting groups are able to experience the Lord intervene within their youth group, the homeowners they are serving alongside, community partners, and on a personal level. The stories and experiences our volunteers have are truly amazing.

But, the cool thing is that the experiences of our Next Step Volunteers are only a part of the beautiful story the Lord has created for Lorain County. We feel humbled to serve a God who has been working in this community far before our partnership here, who knows and loves each resident, who doesn’t take time off and has invited us to join Him! Today I’m looking forward to sharing a couple ways I have been seeing the Lord move in my community recently.


City of Lorain Comprehensive Plan

Currently, the city of Lorain is investing in establishing a comprehensive vision for the direction we are heading over the next few years. Still in its early stages, city officials and staff have jump started this initiative with multiple collaborative idea sharing meetings. It’s pretty exciting to watch the Lord unify our community through the creation of this plan as we work together to invest in and build our city. For more details on the City of Lorain Comprehensive Plan, check out the link below.

Lorain Comprehensive Plan


Local Believers

Throughout Lorain County over 200 active church congregations are in existence and the Lord is certainly using them in BIG ways. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with Church of the Open Door to hear about their vision for opening a new campus in the City of Lorain. As they are praying and preparing to launch in April 2017, this congregation has been intentionally digging into the community in many unique ways. Join me in prayer as our brothers and sisters over at Church of the Open Door follow the Lord’s calling into the city of Lorain.


Community Partners

In addition to the new and exciting initiatives we are seeing the Lord begin here, it’s also essential to mention our partners who have tirelessly poured into this community for years. What a privilege it is to witness organizations like Neighborhood Alliance and Love Inc as they reach deep into Lorain County, serving populations from all walks of life. Join me as we specifically lift up Love Inc’s annual banquet taking place at the end of October. Love Inc has shared their vision of ways to both widen and deepen their impact in the upcoming year and we are excited to see how the Lord continues to use them in Lorain County!

Next Step Ministries