Preparing For Your Mission Trip

By Kinsey Tucker, Community Development Coordinator

Are you going on a mission trip this summer? If so, you’ve probably already thought about the week, what it will be like, and what to pack. But have you thought about the community you will be serving in yet? Here at Next Step, we want to do everything we can to equip you to enter into whatever community you are serving in this summer with knowledge of the community and a humble heart ready to serve.


Here are a couple of ways to prepare your heart and mind to enter into the community responsibly this summer.


Community Partnership Research

Choose 3-5 nonprofits and organizations in the community you are working alongside this summer (if you need help selecting the organizations, check the Community Partnerships section of the Community Information Packet sent to the leader of your group). Research the following questions:

  • Mission Statement:
  • What population of people does this organization serve?
  • What types of services do they offer?
  • How can people volunteer and get involved with this organization?
  • What kind of impact has this organization had on the community?
  • What do they share on social media?
  • Share anything else notable or interesting about the organization.


Skype a Community Member

In many of the communities we serve alongside, we have full time Partnership Coordinators who live in the community year-round. If you and your group are interested in hearing from them, we can set you up with a time. They can share information about the community you will be serving with, the different partnerships we work with, and how you can specifically be praying and preparing for a week in that community. It also gives you the chance to ask any community-specific questions you may have.


Watch our Facebook Live Mission Mindset Videos

Get your group together, grab some snacks, and settle in to watch this four-part video series focused on our Mission Mindset core values. Afterwards, take time to reflect as a group on your reason for serving. If you would like additional resources and reflection questions, connect with us and we can send them to you.


Humble servant:


Fervent listener:  


Zealous developer:  

Discontent ambassador:


Message us if you would like any of the additional resources mentioned!

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