Projects, Prayers, Possibilities

By Kinsey Tucker, Partnership Coordinator

It’s hard to believe, but we are only 3 months away from the summer season to be in full swing again.

The process of planning projects has been vastly different this year compared to years’ past. While we used to work primarily with major organizations that would provide us a list of work lasting a whole summer, we are now working with a number of homeowners in the 2in5 neighborhood.

At the beginning of this off-season, I was so nervous to approach project planning. I knew it would be a much more intense process than last year and I would have to work closely with the community to find more projects than I had in the past. I prayed God would make a way and that we would have a full summer of projects. 

He did and He provided abundantly!

We’re finding projects the way we should be finding them; by getting to know people in the community. Pastor Chip at Journey has been working tirelessly making countless connections with people in our 2in5 neighborhood. As he gets to know them, he determines if there’s something Next Step could help them with. Then I come in, meet the individual and we begin the process of project planning. This has been so fruitful! We already have a full slate of projects for the summer and any new applications are being put on a waiting list.

I’m thankful to be working on projects this summer that are completely community-led. I truly believe that if Next Step weren’t here, these connections would still be happening. Now we get to partner together, share resources, and make change happen in the lives of families in our neighborhood.

The coolest part out of this whole process is how it has been covered in prayer and how it will continue to be covered in prayer. As a church and community, we are going to spend 40 days in prayer leading up to the summer. We will spend a day praying for each of the people we are working alongside this summer and we will pray for other aspects of the summer as well.

Join us in praying for each person we will be working alongside and for the summer as a whole. Pray that students, leaders, community members and summer staff encounter Jesus in a fresh way, and that the community of Joplin can continue to thrive.

Next Step Ministries