Radically Following God

By Kinsey Tucker, Partnership Coordinator

Two years ago, I helped with a spring break trip here in Joplin. It was there God confirmed I needed to move to Joplin. That began a crazy and joy-filled journey and I look back on that trip with such gratitude for the ways God moved.

There was a lot of excitement in those first few months I decided to move to Joplin. I was sold out to God’s call and so pumped to move and start my life in Joplin. I never imagined myself doing something so “radical” like moving to another place to work in ministry full-time. I can admit I may have been a little self-centered in those first few months of deciding to move and thinking it was something amazing that I was doing. But the truth is that I wasn’t doing anything amazing. I was just being obedient, and He is the One doing the amazing things through that obedience.

What I’ve learned in these last two years is that what I did, really wasn’t radical at all. I listened to God and I knew He wanted me to serve Him here. My life isn’t anything crazy or special because of me or what I’m doing. My life is special because I have been redeemed by Jesus and now I get to live out His love wherever I go. Now that’s pretty radical.

Settling into normal life has become just as exciting as those first few months. It’s different. But it’s exciting. I wake up knowing my normal life can have an impact on the Kingdom because I’m where God wants me and I’m operating in what He has laid out for me.

What I want to leave you with is this: You don’t have to move to a new location and work in full-time ministry to faithfully serve God. If He is calling you to do that, then, of course, you must follow that call. Do what He is calling you to do. Whether that is moving to a new place or volunteering at your local homeless shelter. Be sold out to whatever that thing is and do it with your whole heart. At the end of the day, that’s what’s radical. Recognizing you are redeemed by Jesus and because of that, you get to do amazing things.

I hope you hear my heart in this post. I truly believe we all have the capability to do radical things for the Lord and that our callings do not all look exactly the same. What’s truly radical is loving the unloveable. Being sold out to His call no matter the cost. I’m praying that over you today.

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