By Leah Swank Partnership Coordinator

Reconciliation. Such a big word with such a simple, yet complex definition. Many of us may hear this word thrown out during a Sunday sermon, or maybe have heard it while working with a community partner. There is a saying that states, “Knowledge is power”, but when you think about it – knowing something isn’t as powerful if there is no action to follow that knowledge.
Reconciliation is power, but oftentimes we allow the power it possesses to grow stagnant when Christ’s calling on our lives is longing for that power to be put to use. By definition, reconciliation is the act of restoring friendly relations. One source that I found said that reconciliation is the action of bringing something chaotic back to harmony. Once again, reconciliation is power.
Let’s pause for a moment and think of an area in our personal lives, or in our community where we know reconciliation is needed. If you are at all like me, those areas are obvious but uncomfortable. Why is that? For me, there are areas of my life that I long for peace and harmony, but I’m fearful that those situations will only become more chaotic before ever being peaceful.
But in order to experience peace, I need to allow myself to be uncomfortable.
When thinking about reconciliation, I’m reminded of the story in the Bible where Jesus calms the storm. His disciples are in full-on panic mode, the waves are rising, the wind is beating heavily against the boat, and there Jesus is, asleep. Jesus was not disturbed or daunted by the chaos surrounding him and his disciples. When his friends woke him up, he uttered three words, “Peace, be still” and the wind and waves subsided.
Reconciliation today in our personal lives and communities is no different now than it was in Scripture. In this life, we will experience chaos, but peace and harmony are not as far out of reach as we think.  Whatever area of your life is in need of reconciliation, be encouraged today that with Jesus, the chaos is not long-lasting. Restoration is at hand. Peace is at hand. Will you take the next step in the process as Jesus walks with you?
Next Step Ministries