Relentless Pursuit

By Nicole Chick, Partnership Coordinator

I remember so clearly the emotions that overwhelmed me my first summer serving in Milwaukee. I remember hearing stories from partners and ministry leaders throughout the city of poverty, addiction, homelessness, prostitution, violence, and so many lives lost way too early. I remember weeping over the stories I heard and struggling to see how God was working through it all. I was confused at how a loving, gracious God could allow communities to deteriorate and fall apart. If God truly loved the city of Milwaukee, why wouldn’t He intervene and allow restoration to begin? Hopeless, is how I felt. 

As I spent several months, and what would later turn into years, getting to know the men and women God placed in leadership and in ministry here in the city, He began to reveal to me that He has always been intervening and restoration is a process that began long ago.

That first summer in Milwaukee, the Lord broke my heart over the sin and brokenness that has invaded this city. In all my emotions I had failed to recognize that I serve an active God, that never stops pursuing His people.

During this Christmas season, the Lord has continued to remind me that He is always working and actively drawing His people closer to Himself. In a season that can be so challenging for some who have lost so much, have so little, or are just simply so lonely, partners in the city have gone above and beyond to extend the love of Christ. It has been the most encouraging reminder of the Lord’s faithful pursuit of His people through the events that have taken place and the stories of joy that have been shared. From the Woodlands and Evangel hosting a Christmas event for the Woodlands Community to the Salvation Army Emergency Lodge providing resources, gifts, and discipleship to families without homes this season, the Lord is working.

It is our partnerships here in the city that truly inspire me daily to remember where my hope comes from. To remember that the Lord can work in any situation and even the smallest of details to bring healing, peace, and restoration. Whether it is taking five minutes to pray with someone, a plate of food at a community event, or the laughter of kids from the Woodlands jumping in the bounce house, the Lord is there and He is at work. He will never stop pursuing His city.

Next Step Ministries