SC Passion Project

Charity Ramsey, Partnership Coordinator


This passion project was envisioned because of it’s value to our homeowners and community partners. In South Carolina we often run into situations while working alongside homeowners where we need additional support during the course of the construction project. We often need professionals with expertise in services such as HVAC, electric, and plumbing to provide a long term solution to issues homeowners are facing. Next Step can easily fix the surface level project needs such as installing new flooring or drywall, but we can’t always meet the larger internal needs that are causing the problems in the first place.

Often times there are leaky air units or broken pipes that contribute to the rotting of floor joists, which then cause floor to decay, and even water damage in the insulation under a home. This can lead to poor air retention and increases bills for heating and air because the home cannot hold in the proper elements to insulate the home adequately. Other times we may have leaky roofs and the water manages to seep into the ceiling insulation where electrical wires lay. We can fix a lot of these issues through the efforts of our participants, but if that water has damaged the electric wires in any way, that family could have hazardous wires that either don’t work, or are a potential fire hazard later on. If we could provide a solution for these things, imagine the impacts it could have one a single family long term.


To make this passion project a reality, we need the help of community resources and financial support. We hope to start partnering with local HVAC, plumbing, and electrical companies who are willing to provide services for families in the Lexington County District either through charitable generosity or discounted rates. As we all know, these things come at a cost, so as we pursue the partnership with these companies we are also pursuing fundraising. All the funds will go to these types of services for homeowners. We are looking to raise $6,000 for the 2019 summer.


You can be part of this vision by choosing to play a small BUT SIGNIFICANT role. If we have 100 people commit to giving $2.50 every week for 6 months, we can raise $6,000 by the start of Summer 2019. The dedicated and consistent commitment of each person is essential to making this come to fruition. You can donate weekly, monthly, or give a one time donation. You’re giving will be handled with integrity and will, without a doubt, have a significant effect on families in Lexington County.

Please join us prayerfully as we have conversations with local service companies with the desire to partner together for the families in this community. Pray about being part of this opportunity to make a long term impact in South Carolina. Thank you in advance for your generosity, we are eternally grateful.

Here is the link to contribute ( when donating select the drop down “Lexington County” if you wish to give to this community.



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