Scooter Scott Program Update

Charity Ramsey, Partnership Coordinator

What’s been happening at the Scooter Scott Program?

The Scooter Scott Program is an amazing ministry doing so much in our community for years now! Next Step has personally partnered with them for almost six years, which has been a tremendous honor and blessing. We have the opportunity to work closely with children and families that are connected through the different programs taking place at this organization.

Something that is actively taking place is the after school program. Here students can get one on one help with school, they can practice driving to help prepare them for their driver’s tests, mock interviewing to help prepare for job interviews, local service opportunities, field trips, and discipleship mentoring!

Another amazing piece to their ministry is the student-run soap business, the GED program, and snack pack program that puts together bags of snacks for the school district to pass out to students in the educational system. They are also consistently hosting a monthly pancake breakfast, a place where students come to fellowship and eat before school on Friday!

One really awesome highlight about this partnership is that the kids who are involved with the program on a year round basis have summers off from school and not as many things taking place. Often times we will hear about needed home repairs from these students and we are able to then partner with them as we repair physical needs on their homes while also connecting deeply and relationally.

This program is thriving and adding kids to their outreach weekly. Their passionate director, Jeff Jones, pours so much of his heart and soul into this ministry. He believes in what is happening, how God is truly transforming lives, and how life circumstances are improving for these students as they continue to be loved and known by our faithful volunteers.

Please join us in prayer as we ask God to provide more leaders and volunteers for this growing ministry. Pray for wisdom as we strive to serve these kids and their families in an uplifting and dignifying way.

Next Step Ministries