Shattered: 2014 Worship Series

By Andrew Atwell, Founder and Creative Director

Creativity influences just about everything we do at Next Step, but it’s especially evident in our summer worship series. Every year around August after the craziness of the summer has ended, Todd, Neil and I lock ourselves in a room for a few days and brainstorm what we’ll do for the next summer’s worship series. Last year we had just finished watching a movie about magic and thought — what if we used illusion to help unveil the truth of Christ?

We liked the idea, but knew nothing about performing illusions (although I can very convincingly make my thumb disappear for anyone under the age of 5). So I turned to Google and started searching for Christian Illusionists. And that’s when we discovered Harris III.

Harris had been performing illusions since he was a young boy and had travelled all around the world amazing people with his shows. But even better than his magic skills was his ability to communicate the gospel. Harris had realized that he could use illusion to help people uncover the deceptions in their own lives. So after watching some of his videos on YouTube, we decided to reach out to him and see if he would be willing to partner with us.

Luckily, he said yes.

And over the next few months through email and conference calls, we wrote and rewrote the worship series, storyboarding out every moment, pushing ourselves to create something truly original and thought-provoking.

Something creative.

And after many sleepless nights of filming, editing and writing, the worship series was finally finished.

We called it — Shattered.

Last summer over 6,000 students watched Shattered. For many of them, the worship series broke down walls, forced them to confront parts of their life separating them from God, and encouraged them to commit or recommit to a personal relationship with Christ.

And now you have the opportunity to watch the series as well.

Below you will find links to each night’s video (Monday through Friday) as well as an introductory trailer. We want you to be able to view, share and use these videos with as many people as you want. Play it for your youth group. Send it to your friends. Be creative.

And hopefully we can shatter some illusions together.



Next Step Ministries