Stories at the Edge

By Travis Hendershott, Partnership Coordinator

Stories at the Edge is a group of people, not just believers, who get together to share a meal, tell their own personal stories, and discuss what is going on within one another’s own story of life. They meet downtown sandwiched between a burger restaurant and a church. You simply walk in off the downtown sidewalk, up the stairs, and into a room full of people, tables, and food within a quaint dinner setting. At the front of the room sits a couple of chairs for the storytellers. After finding a seat at a table with strangers, dinner begins with the ringing of a bell. Each of us light a candle positioned at the center of the table symbolizing Christ’s light to us, and His light shining in us as we dine together. The conversation quickly moves from strangers to friends.

Once the meal is finished we turn our attention to a storyteller. They share about a struggle, a joy, or anything that is in their heart for other’s to simply listen to. We close with a song and discuss at our tables what has impacted us or can be learned from hearing their story.

As I sat listening to my new friends thoughts, I began to understand what Stories at the Edge is really about. When we come together, eat together, and discuss with one another – we become equal through listening. Simply people made in His image and doing life together, trying to figure out what that means, and loving each other through it.

I think of the verse in Revelation 3 where it talks about listening for God, knocking on His door, and then dining with the Him. As we gather at the Edge we seek God together, and by the end of the night meet Him within the listening of the storytellers.

Next Step Ministries is excited to partner with Stories at the Edge as we join them on their Friday nights this summer. We will look forward for what God has in store!

Next Step Ministries