Thank you All Saints- End of an Era

By Nick Cocalis, Missions Director

Thank you All Saints Camp.

Thank you to Pastor Cranston Knowles, who in 2010, took us on a tour of All Saints and made us promise to not just come help for one week.

Thank you to the leadership at All Saints for welcoming us to their camp, their homes and their community.

Thank you to Tim and Felicia Ryan, and later Shadow and Richelle for showing us what it meant to surrender your life fully to a life in ministry and love without boundaries.

Thank you to Ms Moxey for teaching us what love looks like and for challenging us to share the good news of the Gospel with every single person we encountered, why wouldn’t you, it’s good news.

Thank you to countless residents at All Saints. For the conversations, for the laughter, for the tears and for opening the doors of your homes to strangers that quickly became friends.

Thank you to the thousands of students, leaders and staff that served, prayed and worked alongside the residents at All Saints, the work of your hands is great.

Thank you to the amazing Bahamian friends, drivers, land lords and spear fishers that have supported us along the way.

Above all, thank you, God, for this opportunity that has shaped us all.

In 2010 Next Step began a partnership with The All Saints Camp and Tim and Felicia Ryan with a goal of building safe and sustainable housing for all residents at All Saints. We are thrilled to report that after our 2016 summer we have completed this goal! The numbers only tell part of the story but our teams have built housing for over 16 residents, a new dining hall and storm shelter, an office, a mission house and many other additions such as sidewalk, railings and a gazeebo. It is a bitter-sweet decision that we have determined our physical wok at the camp is complete. We are blessed to know that Tim and Felicia remain serving on the ground in Nassau and we will continue to partner with them to find opportunities to support our friends at All Saints. Although next summer will look much different without 9 weeks of mission teams, we trust that God will have something even greater in store for us all. Please stay connected to Next Step as we will look for continued opportunities to serve at All Saints. If you are interested in ways to stay involved, we encourage you to continuing praying for our dear friends at All Saints and consider supporting Tim and Felicia as they continue their ministry in Nassau. Once again, thank you- to all of those who made this partnership so special.


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