Voices of the Community

By Nicole Chick, Partnership Coordinator

Read more about Community Leadership Boards and how we are using them to listen to the community. 

Today, Next Step held it’s first Community Leadership Board meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The purpose of this board is to bring partnerships together; to unite ministries and organizations in the city in their efforts to see their visions come to fruition.

This board is made up of Next Step’s five key partners in Milwaukee and they are the true voice of the community. It was in this meeting today that I saw firsthand short-term missions colliding with long-term community development.

Next Step has been partnering with many of our key partners in Milwaukee for as many as five years. In the past, these partnerships have primarily existed just during the summer months through construction projects and outreach events with the help of hundreds of student and leader volunteers. Now, through serving as Partnership Coordinator and living in Milwaukee full-time, Next Step partnership and involvement does not end after the summer months. I have the opportunity to continue to invest in partnership relationships and continue to support partners in their visions throughout the year.

Today’s meeting was the start of something huge for Milwaukee! Today Next Step partners came together for the first time to meet, share visions, and express areas in need of support. The result of this meeting, was cross partnership. Each partnership has unique strengths, resources, and passions that when put together allows goals for change and impact to be reached.

God continues to bring unity to a city plagued by separation and segregation. The men and women that make up the Next Step Community Leadership Board have been united through the common vision to make the name of the Lord known in this city. Today was an encouraging and inspiring day to hear the voices of the community in true unity.

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