To: All The SC Groups This Summer

By Charity Ramsey, Partnership Coordinator

While starting on the community partnership and homeowner follow-ups from this summer, I was really excited to hear from the individuals our groups had served closely with. I was overjoyed by the feedback I received and was deeply encouraged.

From both the partners and homeowners I found one very common response to the question I was asking “what was your least favorite thing about this summer.” The majority of them answered by saying “seeing the groups leave at the end of the week”. Groups who have come and shared their hearts, love and kindness to our community, know that your actions and words have not gone unnoticed or forgotten. To the groups who keep in touch with the homeowners they work alongside, you are amazing! Thank you for continually taking the time to connect and invest in them even from afar through calls, texts, and letters. I have heard so many positive things. We are so thankful for you and the relationship you keep building with them. These seemingly ‘little’ things are actually big things, the simplest actions can mean the most.

If you came on a trip here and want to get in contact with any of our homeowners or partners you were with this summer and you don’t have their information, please email me and I would be happy to connect you!


Next Step Ministries