Tomorrow Today

by Todd Gehrmann, Spiritual Director

I’m going to stop putting things off, starting tomorrow! – Sam Levenson

How often have you found yourself saying, “I’ll get to that tomorrow” or “Tomorrow, it will be different”? Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow has become the mantra for all those dreamers of big dreams and all those great thinkers coming up with new or once forgotten revolutionary ideas. Maybe there is a passion in your heart to be an artist of sorts, or an architect, a doctor, builder, poet or simply fill in the blank. Unfortunately, most dreamers and great thinkers are vastly unknown today because they are stuck in the never-ending mantra, which gives birth to a tomorrow that always alludes and is consistently one day out of our grasp.

Many dreamers, like myself, dream of a place where every human being has a place to lay their head, food for their bellies, and shelter from the storms. We dream of a place where no one is denied health care and where racism, sexism and nationalism is replaced by the uncompromising love for God and humanity beyond our own borders.  Dreams where political, religious and ethnic walls dividing us are broken down and we see each other for what and who we are, God’s children. It’s time for dreamers around the world to unite. To share their dreams with others, creating think tanks of people to further their passions, finding ways for their dreams regardless of what they are to become reality. There is a whole world of dreamers out there, the question is, what kind of dreamer are you? Are you going to be a dreamer that’s stuck in the never-ending mantra of tomorrow or are you going to be a dreamer that will take a chance, take the risk to make your dreams evolve into reality.

Ten years ago Nick, Andy and I had a dream to create a nonprofit that furthers the kingdom of God through short-term mission trips, which collided with community development. Trips that focus on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and partners with communities, churches, schools and individuals to love their neighbor through both actions and words.  While I’m the first to say I’ve fallen into the mantra’s trap at times, I’m sure glad that I can look back to the day Nick, Andy and I took the next step in our dreams, risking everything and letting God turn our dreams into reality!

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